Shop Til You Drop – Tips for Making Long Shopping Days Easier on Your Legs

Posted: Tuesday, December 1, 2015   |   Revised: December 5, 2019

The holidays are a busy time and there is so much to get done before being able to relax with family and friends. Many times that means long hours spent on your feet walking through stores, searching for gifts or standing for parties.

Here are some helpful tips for you to be kinder to your legs and feet:

Making Long Shopping Days Easier on Your Legs


Before you head out to the stores, be sure that you are wearing comfortable shoes with good arch support and cushion to them. This is not the time to worry about fashion if you plan to be on your feet all day. Be sure your shoes don’t slip (shoe is too large) or pinch (shoe is too small).


It’s a good idea to wear graduated compression hose / socks every day. Gravity is constantly exerting pressure on our leg veins while we are upright, and graduated compression hose / socks work to keep the fluids pumping back up to our hearts.


Rethink those skinny or tight fitting jeans! The longer we are on our feet, the more we retain fluids in our legs. This swelling can make tight fitting jeans even more restrictive, and that can make harm your leg circulation.


Have you noticed reclining chairs in malls lately? Some even have vibration and massage. Treat yourself to a few minutes of relaxation and look for ways to elevate your legs. Be mindful not to cross your legs as this impedes blood flow.
Pace yourself: While others are rushing around you, go ahead and keep your own normal walking gate. Try to be aware of the amount of time you are standing stationary in lines as well. You can always set an alarm on your phone for every 30 minutes to alert you to move around, stretch or bend in order to get the blood flowing to your legs and feet.


Be sure to take regular breaks for water to keep your hydration level on the positive side. Keep in mind those holiday cocktails and caffeine have a dehydrating effect. Dehydration causes poor circulation as plasma thickens (did you know plasma makes up more than half of your total blood volume and is about 93% water?).


Listen to the signals your body is giving. Fatigue is normal during long days, and it’s easy to ignore how tired you may actually be. Aching feet or any other body part means that you have over exerted yourself. Don’t ignore sharp pains or burning in your legs or feet, swelling or bulging varicose veins. For many of us, being able to get home, put on some comfortable slippers, get our feet up after a long day of holiday cheer will put things back to normal. But if pain or swelling persist, these are issues you should talk with your physician about.

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