Leg Swelling: Edema

Many patients with Chronic Venous Insufficiency suffer from swelling of the ankles and lower legs, also known as edema. This swelling typically is at its least first thing in the morning, and then gets progressively worse throughout the day. It results from abnormally elevated pressures in the leg veins. When the valves in the leg veins aren’t functioning normally to prevent blood from flowing back down toward the feet, too much fluid accumulates in the veins as the legs are dependent. Throughout the day, this increased pressure and pooling allows fluid to leak out of the veins and into the soft tissues surrounding them.

Swelling associated with venous disease can be relieved by periodically elevating the legs throughout the day. Wearing graduated compression stockings beginning first thing in the morning can diminish how much swelling occurs. Treating the underlying cause of the swelling by Endovenous Ablation of the diseased veins usually provides the greatest and longest-lasting relief.

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