Tips for Donning Compression Stockings

One common objection to wearing compression stockings is, “They’re just too hard to get on!” While it is true that effective compression stockings are tight, there are some tips you can use to make the process of getting them on and off easier.

Make sure your skin is dry. Damp skin has more friction and makes it harder to pull the stocking up over your heel. Towel dry thoroughly if you’re putting them on right after a shower. Allow any lotion you’ve applied to absorb well before putting your stocking on. Consider applying a little baby powder to your foot and heel to help the stocking slide over these tight spots more smoothly.

Use rubber gloves. Dishwashing gloves, gardening gloves with rubber surface and exam gloves all work fine for this purpose. The gloves allow you to get a better grip on the stocking.

Don’t bunch the stocking up! That technique may work well for donning pantyhose, but creates a tight band which is hard to adjust when used with compression stockings.

Turn most of the stocking inside out. We find that if you turn the stocking inside out right to the spot where the heel of the stocking is (leave the foot part right side out), it’s much easier to put the stocking on. Slip your foot into the foot of the stocking, then gradually turn the rest of the stocking right side out, working a few inches at a time until the whole stocking is right side out.

For a nearly effortless method of putting on stockings, check out these videos of the amazing new Sigvaris Doff n Donner device! These are available for a reasonable price through our office.