Lifestyle Changes

There are some changes you can do to improve your circulation and overall health.

  • Get up and get moving. Walking is one of the best exercises you can do for your circulation. It helps improve the flow of blood into your legs through the arteries as well as increasing the efficiency of flow out of your legs through the veins. The calf muscles are what provide the pump for your veins. Get up and take a walk after sitting for a while. Pump your feet up and down to move your calf muscles while you’re sitting. Do toe lifts to flex your calf muscles while you’re standing.
  • Lift them up. Elevating your legs above the level of your chest allows gravity to do the work of returning the blood to your heart. At the end of the day or during the day, put your legs up to give them some relief from heaviness or swelling.
  • Avoid the squeeze. Wearing tight, constricting clothing makes it hard for the blood from your leg to return to your heart by increasing the pressure in your abdomen. Wearing socks with a tight elastic band at the top does the same thing. If you’re going to wear a tight sock, it should be a graduated compression stocking which promotes venous flow rather than restricting it.
  • Cool off. When you’re hot, your leg veins dilate and swell, stretching and thinning the vein wall. Take a cool shower, find a spot in the shade, or find a cool breeze to help prevent long term damage.