Summer is a great time for varicose vein treatment

Posted: Wednesday, July 23, 2014   |   Revised: July 13, 2014

Summer is a great time for varicose vein treatment

Summer’s here, and that means it’s time to don skirts and shorts and enjoy the warmer weather and outdoor fun. It’s a time for kicking off your shoes and putting on your sandals, for leaving pantyhose and heavy socks behind. For some people, there’s something freeing about shedding the heavy clothes of winter in favor of summer’s lighter wear. But for many men and women, wearing shorts, skirts and sandals means exposing bulging, twisted and otherwise just plain unsightly varicose veins. When it comes to tampering with your self-confidence, varicose veins rank high: Not only are they unattractive in their own right, but they can make you look much older than you are and much older than you feel.

The good news: Varicose vein treatment is much safer, less costly and above all, simpler than ever before. While having varicose veins treated used to mean a prolonged period of recovery, today’s treatments let you enjoy the summer season without missing a beat. At Michigan Vein Care Specialists, we offer advanced varicose vein treatment that’s focused on each patient’s individual needs to achieve better results and quicker recovery.

One of the most effective treatment approaches for deeper varicose veins is endovenous ablation, a relatively simple procedure that can be performed right in our office under local anesthesia. The procedure involves the insertion of a tiny catheter into a small incision. Heat is transmitted via the catheter to the inside of the affected vein, closing it off so blood is redirected to the surrounding healthy veins.

Surface varicose veins are treated using two different techniques: microphlebectomy, which involves removing the vein through a tiny incision, and sclerotherapy, which uses injections of a special chemical to close off affected veins.

Our clinic can also perform the evaluations and screening necessary to identify underlying problems that may be causing your varicose veins so you can have healthier circulation in your future.

In addition to having your veins treated, here are some other steps you can take to help prevent some of the discomfort varicose veins can cause during the summer:

  • Drink lots of fluid. Staying hydrated helps maintain healthy circulation and it can also keep you cooler.
  • Stay cool. Summer heat can cause veins to dilate, which can cause affected veins to ache.
  • Get moving. Mild aerobic activity is great for circulation. If you plan a long summer trip, be sure to take lots of breaks to walk around, even if you’re on a plane.
  • Elevate your legs. When you get home from work, take a few moments to rest on your sofa or bed, elevating your legs with pillows so gravity does some of the work of circulation for you.

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