Posted: Wednesday, February 27, 2019   |   Revised: February 26, 2024

I would give Dr. Jones 10 stars if possible!!!

This was the most warm, considerate environment and group of professionals I have ever encountered in the healthcare “realm”!

I could never say enough great things to express how much I value this entire group of practitioners as they handled my 83 year old mother’s vascular surgeries. Her “issues” were more than 50 years in their deterioration so were creating much discomfort for a long time. Some adverse treatment experienced through a primary care provider, severely “tipped the scale” which created an absolute and very urgent need for intervention.

In about six weeks time, from start to finish, my mom was nearly pain free regarding surgeries and very speedily recovering from YEARS of discouraging ill health where her vascular system was being compromised by the “broken down veins” in both her legs.

All the employees in the practice were raving about the extremely immediate recovery for a client at such advanced age!!! The ultrasound technician said that Mom had become their “poster child” and they were sharing her testimony far and wide in amazement!!!

Please don’t be intimidated at all if you have been diagnosed and need vascular surgical intervention!!! Dr. Jones is by far the best experience we could have hoped for and received!!!

Thanks to all of you who cared so lovingly and patiently for the needs we presented to have my mom healthy and comfortably back on her feet!!!


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