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Leg Ulcers and Vein Treatment

Recent advances in minimally invasive laser vein procedures have altered the treatment protocol for patients suffering with Leg Ulcers and Vein Treatment. Previously, a diagnosis of venous ulcers required endless wraps, lotions, and Unna boots. Until recently, patients suffering from… READ MORE

Chronic Venous Insufficiency

As a practitioner of the field of phlebology (study of vein disease), it is upsetting to know that, despite the non-invasive treatment options available, a good percentage of patients suffering with varicose veins do not pursue treatment for their condition…. READ MORE

Vein Disease Symptoms: not the same for everyone

  Many patients at my Michigan vein clinic – Michigan Vein Care Specialists – initially seek treatment with us because they want to have their spider or varicose veins cosmetically treated.  They want us to make the physical evidence “disappear”…. READ MORE