Do You Think Santa Has Varicose Veins?

Posted: Monday, December 23, 2013

Do you think Santa Claus Has Varicose Veins?                                

We’re pretty sure he must, but what do you think?Santa_Claus_Has_Varicose_Veins

The poor guy works extremely long hours on his feet during the holidays.  He’s got elves to supervise, reindeer to train and toys to make – not to mention his very rigorous workout program to work off Mrs Claus’ cooking so he’s “chimney thin!”

If we lifted up the leg of his red furry trousers, do you think we’d see some pretty impressive varicose veins bulging out of poor old St Nick’s legs?

We think so.  We just hope that Mrs Claus is making him wear his compression stockings to get the blood moving in legs and reduce any ankle swelling.

We hope he’s wearing a nice, well fitted pair right now as he’s getting ready to make his global deliveries. But we particularly hope Mrs Claus puts her foot down and insists Santa wears his compression stockings when he’s flying over all those rooftops and whizzing past the moon. All that high altitude flying can wreak havoc on his legs and the last thing we’d want is for poor old St Nick to get DVT

Maybe when Santa’s finished making his deliveries Mrs Claus will make him an appointment to see Dr Jones?  She’ll get rid of his leg pain in no time and get his legs looking great in shorts again – just in time for his well deserved beach vacation!  If you see Santa this Christmas, be sure to tell him that we’re here for him at Michigan Vein Care Specialists, when he needs us!

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